F.A.M.E is Paris’s International Music Film Festival

F.A.M.E. offers an international competition, world and french premieres, special screenings, as well as Q&As, panels, showcases.. and parties.

F.A.M.E. presents documentaries, feature films, experimental and animation films, web series, VRs… which take as their subject the universe of music in a broad sense: portraits of musicians, labels, musical trends, biopics, visual experiences around music.

The leading music film festival in France, F.A.M.E offers each year an edgy selection of music films to enthusiastic audiences, and benefits from great media support.

From M.I.A to Ethiopian jazz, from Finnish black metal to Voguing, from Karen Dalton to Joao Gilberto, F.AM.E offers a colorful trip through a vibrant music planet

F.A.M.E is a co-production of La Gaîté Lyrique and AMORE

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Direction artistique : Olivier Forest & Benoît Hické
F.A.M.E est une co-production La Gaîté Lyrique / AMORE

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